My name is Laverne Roberts, I found out about the rebounder/bouncer about a year ago. I was talking to Hillary Gooden about not having energy and feeling tired. She recommended the rebounder/bouncer. I purchased one and started to bounce every morning. I noticed that I began to have more energy, felt healthier and also the arthritic pain in my back left. I feel much better and healthier since I started bouncing.

Laverne Roberts

My name is Michelle Hunter. In my past, I'd acquired an infection, which got into my blood stream and attacked my joints. AS a result, I lost my toes on the let foot. I've since then suffered with phantom pain. M. Hillar Gooden explained to me she knew a way to relieve my pain. That is when she introduced me to the rebounder. I purchased one and now I use it often. I can bounce on it for 5 minutes and feel the results of the pain going away in my foot immediately. I just want to thank her for introducing me to such an easy way to eliminate my pain.

Michelle Hunter