Hillary Gooden

Founder and CEO  - Vibrant Lifestyle Makeover

Certified Lymphologist

Hillary Gooden, is a spiritual leader in Ministry as a Pastor is now bringing powerful health and wellness strategies to those that have an interest in the care of the human body, nutrition and in the cause and prevention of disease at the cell level. She believes that God has given her a mandate to help others to be healthy and revived, mind, body and spirit through understanding and activating their lymphatic system.

She knows what it is like to want to fulfill her purpose and help God’s people while working a demanding 9-5 job. The question was always, “what can I do that will give me the freedom to fulfill my divine purpose?” She knew that being tired all the time and giving out to others and supporting others something needed to change and the first step she took was to start with improving her health. Well, in 2013 she decided to buy a popular appliance, the Nutribullet, to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into her busy life. That purchase lead to a journey of research regarding the body and eating fruits and vegetables to help the body heal itself from all manner of illnesses, pain, lack of energy and stress. She received training through the International Institute of Lymphology and became a Certified Lymphologist. The core study is based how blood proteins produce the conditions that cause loss of energy, disease and death at the cell level. Combining the spiritual with this basic teaching has radically changed the course of Hillary’s destiny and it has brought her super clarity. Now she lives to spread this information to help others receive the clarity they need to fulfill their God given destiny. Her business Vibrant Lifestyle Makeover prepares people to live a life in peace without pain or disease. The time is NOW to change from negative energy to healthy energy starting with the mindset; to change from no energy to revived energy dealing with the body, using techniques that will improve overall health and wellbeing. She believes that when you feel better; healthy and revived, you are in a place to prosper in business, mind, body, and spirit. Doing what you love.

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Hillary Gooden



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